Valse Oublièe (‘5)
Original for strings. It was trascripted, in the version for violin, dedicated to Mariana Sirbu, for cello, dedicated for Rocco Filippini and for double-bass (with piano or strings).
There is also a version for violin, viola, cello, double-bass and piano. A melodic and expressive piece.


vln pno

cello pno

contr archi

contr pno

Belle Epoque for Orchestra (‘8)
from Johannes….to Richard Strauss. Composed for the New Year’s Concert in Latina.


Music for “A Double-bass in search of love” written by Maria Filippone Colonna.
Winner of “Prix Italia” for radio production. Rapresented also in theatre.

Valzer da Concerto for piano (‘8)
A virtuoso and romantic piece.